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Stop Following Me - T-shirt for kids and teens

Stop Following Me - T-shirt for kids and teens

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Stop Following Me - Baseball style t-shirt for kids and teens

The American sport has directly inspired this baseball shirt with short raglan sleeves in contrasting colors. The good quality is seen on double stitching at the sleeves and in the seam holder for many hours of tumbling both on the baseball field and outside! The shirt is pre-treated so it does not shrink in washing. Fabric density: 185 g / m2, 100% cotton.

Baseball T-shirt til børn
98/104 (3-4 years) 430 mm 340 mm 230 mm
110/116 (5-6 years) 460 mm 370 mm 25 mm
122/128 (7-8 years) 510 mm 400 mm 270 mm
134/146 (9-11 years) 560 mm 430 mm 290 mm
152/164 (12-14 years) 630 mm 460 mm 320 mm
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