About Chandize

Chandize collaborates i.a. with Spreadgroup, which was founded in Leipzig in 2002 and is today one of the world leaders in e-commerce with on-demand printing on clothing and accessories. Together with Spreadshirt, Chandize offers completely unique designs and merchandize with print; such as t-shirts, sweaters, mugs etc.

We started Chandize when we often could not find the right, fun and unique designs we wanted to buy ourselves, and this then developed into a larger business with collaboration across age groups and influencers merchandise.

Chandize.dk is owned by SEO SERVICE®and is to be regarded as a webshop on top of the existing business that has its foundation around online marketing.

No overproduction thanks to print-on-demand

Chandize business model is called print-on-demand. Unlike the traditional manufacturers, we only print the goods that the customers have bought here at the shop. We thus produce and sell only the selected number - from a single and up to large wholesale orders in collaboration with i.a. Spreadshirt.

For our standard printing method, direct digital printing, we use sustainable colors, vegan color pigments and a special water and energy saving printing process.

Long-lasting products and prints

Products made from quality fabrics and materials have been enjoyed for a long time - and that makes them extra sustainable. Each product is thoroughly tested before we add it to our range. We check the durability of our prints and fabrics in a series of test prints as well as with a number of trips in the washing machine. After the printing process, we test for any chemical residues, for the quality of the ink and for the processing of the individual product. We also regularly check the feedback we receive from our customers regarding products that have been in our range for a long time, in order to ensure a constant product quality.

More about the process from purchase to delivery

Our goods will be printed and shipped from Germany within 48 hours after you have ordered via Chandize.dk. You will receive your package from 3 and up to 10 working days after your order, depending on which delivery method you choose.

Read more about delivery here.