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How to Wash Clothes With Printing


1. Always wash clothes with pressure on the wrong side. This protects the print from scratching and scratching from other items in the machine, as well as the washing machine drum.

2. Wash your clothes by hand if possible, or use the washing machine's spare program.

3. Always wash in cold water. All water temperatures below 30 degrees are acceptable, and will significantly prolong your clothing life.

4. Use a very mild detergent or best use wool washing products when washing your clothes with pressure.

5. Hang the garment up or lay it flat to dry.


1. Never use a dryer.

2. Do NOT wash at 40 degrees. (It corresponds to 33% more than recommended and may run the risk of destroying your pressure).

3. Never use dry cleaning. The chemicals in the cleaning process can cause spots and damage the pressure.

4. Avoid bleach, especially chlorine bleach; the bleaching agents will discolour threads and the dyes used for printing.

5. Do not use washing agent on printed clothes. Emollients degrade the colours, used in the printing process and causes cracking and/or fading of the printed areas.

6. Do not use steam or iron on pressure.

Short Summing

It is important to wash clothes in a gentle way to protect the pressure from injury. This can be achieved by washing the clothes on the wrong side, using cold water and a mild detergent, avoid dryer and chemical cleaning, and avoid the use of bleach, washing agent, steam or iron at pressure. These tips will help to preserve the look and life of the clothing for a long time.

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