Giv synlighed til den mentale sundhed med vores unikke tøjkollektion

Give visibility to mental health with our unique clothing collection.

We have been dedicated to promoting mental health since 2016, and we are proud to present our latest designs, which gives visibility to this crucial issue.

Our mission is simple: To challenge the taboos of mental health and encourage openness and understanding. We believe in, that the best step towards normalising the conversation on mental health is to carry it proudly and clearly I'm sorry.

History Bag Collections

When we created this new collection, we went back to our own experiences with mental health. We thought about what would really have made a difference for us and for those around us. The result is a collection of sweatshirts, crewnecks and more that is not only fashion, but also a form of activism.

Our designs carry messages that create consciousness and show, That it's okay to have a hard time sometimes.

Mental sundhed

Our unique style.

What separates our clothes from the rest? It is not only the quality of materials and craftsmanship (although it is excellent). That's our message. Our designs are created with care and consideration, and they bring the important issue of mental health into the public space. When you wear our clothes, you don't just wear clothes - you also carry a conversation.

Make a difference

Our aims are, among other things. Create visibility around mental health and inspire action. When you wear our clothes, you send a message that it's okay to open up, share and support each other. You show that you're part of a movement, who takes mental health seriously and is willing to break the silence.

Join us.

We urge you to become part of our mission. Select one.  Sweatshirt or crewneck from our collection And let your clothes speak for you. Together, let us normalize the conversation about mental health and show the world that we are stronger when we stand together.

Let us together give visibility to mental health. Make a difference in your own life and in society. Be proud to support mental health and carry the message on your clothes. Together, we can change the world.

Gør mental sundhed synlig



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