How to wash clothes with print

When buying clothes with print, it is important that you wash it correctly so that the print can stay nice for a long time.


1. Always wash clothes inside out. This protects the print from scratching and scraping from other objects in the machine, as well as the drum of the washing machine.

2. Wash clothes by hand, if possible, or use the washing machine\'s gentle program.

3. Always wash in cold water. All water temperatures below 30 degrees are acceptable, and will extend the life of your clothes considerably. 

Use a very mild detergent or best of all use wool washing products when washing your clothes with pressure.

5. Hang the clothes up or lay them flat to dry.



1. Never use a dryer.

2. DO NOT wash at 40 degrees. (This is equivalent to 33% more than recommended, and may damage your pressure).

3. Never use dry cleaners. The chemicals in the cleaning process can cause stains and ruin the pressure.

4. Avoid bleach, especially chlorine bleach; the agents in bleach will discolor fabric strands and the dyes used for the print.

5. Do not apply fabric softener to pressurized clothing. Emollients degrade the colors used in the printing process and cause cracks and / or fading of the printed areas.

6. Do not use steam or iron on pressure.