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Make your support visible

Buy a t-shirt, bag, badge, cap or mug etc.

Make your support visible Buy and show your support for Ukraine with an "I stand with Ukraine", "Puck Futin" or one of the other designs.We pass on all profits from the sale to relief organizations.

Chandize.dk - We donate the profit from the sale

The profits from the sale of these support t-shirts and accessories from Chandize are regularly donated to organizations that support Ukraine with i.a. humanitarian and emergency aid in this difficult time.We regularly donate to i.a. Unicef, Médecins Sans Frontières, Red Cross and others.

International Aid Organizations

Chandize.dksupport goes to organizations that are in Ukraine or help Ukrainians in some other way.However, there are many other peoples and countries in the world who unfortunately also suffer hardship due to.oppression, war, hunger, poverty, but who do not receive the necessary help and support from outside - and here any help is much appreciated for all organizations that help people in need.

OnLex.dkyou will find a list of different international aid organizations that can give you a guided help to find the organization you might want to give a bit of support yourself.We know that all amounts are more than welcome.